The Mellow Club

Purpose of Establishing the Mellow Club

The Mellow Club is a group for the aged, by the aged. Its members are seniors with abundant knowledge, wisdom, broad experiences who wish to lead a truly meaningful life.

The objective of setting up the Mellow Club is to create a vibrant and affluent glongevity societyh in the 21st century by promoting participation in society by the elderly, making use of information technology.

The Mellow Club has a lot of active participants in many parts of Japan, and engages in activities concerning issues related to seniors.

Most of the group members lived in turbulent times before, during, and after the World War. So they experienced hardships, and greatly contributed to the reconstruction of Japan after the war. They have a wealth of special knowledge and experiences in their respective fields.

The Mellow Club has set up its website in order to send out the valuable knowledge and experiences and to put them into public service.

The Mellow Club aims at not only promoting friendship among seniors, but also making contribution to the society. Although it is a senior citizens' group, the members strive to utilize state-of -the art information technology in many of their activities.

The Mellow Club engages in various activities, hoping to develop itself into ga national center of network for the aged in Japanh.

Outline of the Mellow Club

Foundation November 1999
Number of current members: about 450
Average age: 66
(The Mellow Club has 24 members aged over 80, and one of its characteristics is to have many active so-called goldest-oldh members.)

Main projects so far

As a Japan-Korea exchange project, the Mellow Club members in the two countries constantly communicate with each other on a bulletin board. Since 2001, the annual meeting for exchange sponsored by the two countries is held.

A joint-project on how to utilize high-speed communication system FTTH with NTT- AT Company and other companies was set up in 2002 and the project achieved a success.

The Mellow Club participated in WPC (World Personal Computer. Expo), Pasomaru and Senior Net Forum, and also cooperated in organizing these events.

The Club has made contribution to society by teaching how to use personal computers to elder people at nursing homes in each area.