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Online Tanabata Festival2015 Poster:Noriko Date of post:2015/08/11(Tue) 14:08 No.226  

August 8,2015 We had a wonderful online meeting in Yokohama.

To support the victim of Tohoku and many people who need care in the local community, we support the poeple by ICT and small class of knitting.

You will see the YOUTUBE video morning session

Greeting from Yokohama City
ICT Volutters in the community High school students.

Pretty MsMoony in Taiwan will show up from 59min- in English

Afternoon Session
Ms.Emiko Okuyama Mayor of Sendai City

Wind bells and Lanterns Poster:Marchan Date of post:2009/05/24(Sun) 08:06 No.210  

Edogawa Ward is a waterfront ward situated at the eastern edge of Tokyo.
Last week, The Edogawa PC Learning group for senior citizens held the exhibition of the work.
There were many superior craft goods based on PC arts like AutoShape techniques.
And the area has tradition about the craft goods like wind bells and the town is famous as goldfish's home.
Such excellent works were created from modern technique of the PC and the tradition of the craft goods production.

Re: Wind bells and Lanterns Marchan - 2009/05/24(Sun) 08:11 No.211  

A wind bell with the design of the goldfish.

Re: Wind bells and Lanterns Marchan - 2009/05/24(Sun) 08:26 No.212  


Re: Wind bells and Lanterns osamuchan - 2014/07/26(Sat) 04:35 No.225  

I watch your sakuhin

Wonderful ASCCA Conference Poster:Noriko Date of post:2012/11/22(Thu) 23:54 No.218  

I have joined the ASCCA(Australian Senior Computer Club Association) on Nov.13.14 in Sydney with Marchan.

It was wonderul and very informative conference.

I wish to visit ASCCA Conference with other Mellow Friends next year!!

Sydney is beautifl modern city!

LEF GIFT from USA Poster:Noriko Date of post:2011/04/02(Sat) 21:14 No.216  

Japan face serious Electric dificit because the the accidenet of Nuclear Plant in Fukusihima.
Tokyo metropolitan area suffers from the lack of electricity,now everyday.

Dr.Garrett send me many LED Lights from US.

I visited Marchan's house and give 2 lights.
Because her apartment locates in Kanagawa, and she experienced 3 hours with NO Lihgt Night last week.

And LED light are all sold out!
And it is still diffucult to get them .

Thank you very much Dr.Garrett!!

Re: LEF GIFT from USA Marchan - 2011/04/30(Sat) 18:30 No.217  

Thank you very much Dr.Garrett!!

During the blackout I enjoyed bright LED Lights.

These days, the blackout has not happened.

But, I am afraid blackouts could happen again in coming midsummer.

By the way, please, watch the YouTube below.


The title is "Don’t give up Japan! We will do our best"

iPad Magic in Ginza Poster:kirin Date of post:2010/07/10(Sat) 16:11 No.215  

This is the Video of the street entertainment
with iPad!


iPad is populart not only for young, but also for older adult in Japan.

I attached the photo at the Lab's Meeting at the University of Tokyo.


Mochi-pounding Poster:Marchan Date of post:2009/12/15(Tue) 21:03 No.214  

Even now, mochi or “rice cake” is an indispensable food for The New Year.
But usually we d'ont make rice cakes at home.
In the year-end party of the neighborhood association we enjoyed “mochi-pounding”.
However, mochi-pounding is not so easy.
The wooden mallet is heavy, and mochi is sticky.

A Japanese-style building Poster:Marchan Date of post:2009/05/13(Wed) 09:25 No.209  

What do you think this building is?

A temple? No.
A Japanese-style high-class restaurant? No.
A rich villa? No.

This is a Youth Hostel.
You can stay here at 3300 yen per one night.


Soba-Uchi Poster:Marchan Date of post:2009/04/18(Sat) 20:14 No.208  

If you are interested in Soba-Uchi or “how to make handmade soba; Japanese buckwheat noodles", You can participate the course of the Soba-uchi.
Those courses are held here and there in Japan.
I participated in the course that the civic group of environmental preservation sponsored.

Cherry-Blossom viewing Poster:Marchan Date of post:2009/04/05(Sun) 20:11 No.207  

Even in the heartland of Tokyo, there are some showplaces of the cherry-blossom.
Particularly, I recommend Ushigafuchi mort: near the subway station Kudan-Shita.

Photo by Kirara.

I Wish You a Happy New Year Poster:Tougarasi Monjirou Date of post:2009/01/04(Sun) 13:49 No.206  

Magician with a pretty girl.She was the assistant chosen from many spectators.

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